Welcome to Masszazsklinika, the bodywork studio dedicated to helping people move pain-free and restore and maintain their bodies' natural range of motion. We specialize in fascial treatments such as Fascial Distorsion Model and Fascial Manipulation which help reduce pain, improve mobility, oxygenate the tissues and provide lasting relief. Our mission is to empower individuals to self-care by providing effective treatments that make a real difference in our clients' lives. Combining modern research with ancient healing traditions from around the world, we strive daily towards our vision of create a better world where everyone can enjoy greater well-being through regular fascial care.

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New! Office rehab treatment   

Step into the world of "Office Rehab," where Masszazsklinika brings you a bespoke treatment designed specifically for managers and office workers! "Office Rehab" is your ticket to effectively tackle the discomforts and stress symptoms caused by desk-bound work. Imagine a treatment tailored to address the challenges of office life, resulting in improved mobility, reduced pains, and a harmonized stress level. Explore the "Office Rehab" experience at Masszazsklinika, where health and well-being take center stage in a captivating journey!  


Treatments for athletes

Fascial treatments to prevent and manage sports injuries, sports massage for optimal regeneration.

Vagus (antistress) treatment 

A special treatment designed to promote stress relief and enhance overall health by targeting the vagus nerve through specialized techniques.

Office rehab treatment 

a specialized therapy crafted for managers and office workers to alleviate the strains of sedentary work and stress. 

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Gift cards and vouchers for every occasion. For taylormade cards please contact us. 


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Emergency appointment:  60/90 min appointment outside opening hours.  



1026 Budapest, Pasaréti way 7  



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