My name is Nora Balogh, I am the owner of Masszázsklinika. 

I'm a movement therapist, clinical massage therapist, personal trainer, Barefoot training specialist.

After an exciting but taxing engineering career I set sail to new waters and enjoy the fresh wind ever since. Lucky for you I am a movement nerd, so when I don't work I study to understand human movement even better and to help you to perform at your best.

Your health is my utmost priority, I'll do everything I can to help you improving it.

Relevant studies:

Stecco Fascial Manipulation - Level 2

Visceral therapy - All modules (Oriolus Med)

Clinical Massage Therapist - International Massage Academy

Naturopath - in progress

Prenatal Massage Therapist - International Massage Academy

FDM (Fascia distorsion model) - (Oriolus Med) 

Sport FDM - Oriolus Med

Fascia release manual therapy (FRT)

Scar treatment - Oriolus Med

Personal trainer, functional trainer - IWI

Corrective Exercise Specialist(CES) - IWI

Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1, 2 - EBFA Global

Pelvic Balance Specialist - EBFA Global

Run injury free specialist (EBFA Global)

Foot and Ankle Specialist - Gray Institute (ongoing)

Kinesio tape - Oriolus Med

Flossing - Oriolus Med

Cupping therapy - Oriolus Med

Fascia training Level 1,2 - Oriolus Med